Random Address XLM Gift Scam

One of the ways that spammers and scammers can utilize the crypto wallet network is by abusing the “memo” field. By itself, it does not pose a threat to your security.

The memo field is a field where senders can write a note about a transfer they are making and its original purpose is to offer more security. However, spammers and scammers have found a way to abuse this simple text field, leaving unwanted or unsolicited messages.

This is an example of how it might look in your Stellar Account viewer

Transaction from a Spammer — low amount of XLM with a link in the Memo field.

What to do?

First of all, I’d advise not to visit sites being promoted in this manner. These sites are most likely scammers or spammers and will try to lure you into their web of magnificent lies. The best way to not get caught in this web is not to get near it. A stand-up company would not use such loopholes to get in touch with future clients, so I can’t see anything good coming out of it.

Is it a dusting attack?

No, this is not a dusting attack and does not compromise your security. So, this is pretty much money you can use without worry, just don’t visit links and fall for the scams. According to my information from reddit u/umbrel notes.

“on Stellar dusting attack doesn’t make any sense, it’s not a utxo-based system. There is no privacy here to be ruined.”

Some claim its free money, but it really isn’t!

Some of the rhetoric I hear is that its “free money”. But it isn't. These people are paying you less than a Lumen for your thoughts and trying to rip you off. Your time and thoughts can be spent on something more positive.

And yes…sometimes feel like negative Nellie, but I feel it’s important to nip these things in the bud with the hope that companies will respond.

Here is a list of those who have sent me, send me more and I can keep adding known spam addresses…

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Have a Stellar day!