Calyx users can now buy carbon offsets directly from Stellarcarbon. LIVE on Mainnet!

2 min readDec 10, 2022

Calyx users can now buy carbon offsets directly from Stellarcarbon and instantly reduce their footprint by holding CarbonSINK (SINKs).

The offsets issued by Stellarcarbon provide transparent nature-based carbon offsetting with proof of retirement on Stellar and in the Verra Registry.

Each CARBON issued by Stellarcarbon represents 1 tonne of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions that have been reduced, avoided, or sequestered by a verified carbon offset project and which will not be released into the atmosphere.

If you offset a one month, you purchase 1 tonne of Carbon, and Stellarcarbon will send you 1 tonne of retired CO2 sequestered by newly planted trees or other eco-friendly methods.

The amount you offset is then displayed on your company’s public profile on Calyx so that you can share your offsets with your community.

Try it for yourself at and let us know.

It’s a simple process once inside Calyx.

  1. Select Flora from the sidebar.

2. Click on the Stellarcarbon contract.

3. Select the amount of Carbon you want to offset. (Stellarcarbon calls that SINK)

4. Select the company that you want to receive the offsets.

5. Complete payment:
You can currently pay with the following non-custodial wallets you or your company holds or mojo rewards xBull, Rabet, Albedo, and Freighter.

5. Now the Carbon offsets are visible on your company's Public Profile

Simple as that.

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