Balancing Innovation, Transparency, and Privacy with a Calyx Account


Innovation, transparency, and privacy are all of great value in the modern world. Finding a solution that allows us to have the best of all three can be challenging. This is why we have created an account service that allows customers to publicly authenticate their information while ensuring their privacy. With our customizable solution, you can choose what information is visible and make sure that real people support your shareholders. Read on to learn more about our progress and the steps we have taken to combine innovation, transparency, and privacy.

Public Access and Privacy curtains.

The Calyx system simplifies access to data by enabling a public profile that displays a subset of relevant information to visitors. This includes a public blockchain address for the account and various public proofs such as shareholder lists and badges of honor. It gives shareholders a certain amount of privacy concerning personal details but allows people access to get to know the company and verify it.

Customizable Solutions

The Calyx account allows for these customizations so that users can tailor the platform to their specific needs. This helps them to select what information is displayed and how it is presented. This is especially useful for companies that want to adjust their level of transparency depending on the type of information they are sharing.

Protecting User Privacy

At Calyx, we recognize the importance of privacy. We are committed to protecting the data of our customers, and have implemented a number of safeguards to ensure that their information remains secure. Our system is compliant with all applicable regulations, so customers can be sure that their data is safe and confidential.


Innovation, transparency, and privacy are all important aspects of the modern world. With a Calyx account, customers can benefit from a solution that balances all three. Our platform allows users to publicly verify their information with customizations to suit their needs, ensuring their privacy is respected.



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