What is Mojoflower?

Mojoflower is a blockchain platform that provides Government issue share-ledgers and share-management tools for SMEs powered by Stellar.

The focus is on issuing SME shares and certificates on behalf of governments in tokenized form. The tokenized shares are delivered to Shareholders’ wallets following a formal application process. We provide shareholders with tools to manage their shares in the tokenized form, increasing usability and enabling them to use smart contracts with ease. Secured by Stellar, the assets can be managed for the asset’s full lifecycle while staying compliant with regulations.

The platform acts as a single source layer…

Oxymoron::a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g. faith unfaithful kept him falsely true )::

I’ve been following crypto for some time now. The debate is ongoing and it feels that many arguments are legit. However, when you dig a little bit deeper, it sometimes suddenly feels like the last argument contradicts the previous one made, creating an Oxymoron of sorts.

What I am referring to now, is the debate about Privacy vs. Transparency in spending, both public and private. I am reaching the conclusion, that the people will now not only want but demand…

There’s a problem in the offing. One that you probably haven’t thought about. It’s a little like global warming: It may not affect you personally — but it will affect billions of people in the near future (along with many close relatives). Policymakers have begun to respond. Some companies are
approaching the problem head-on. Others are ignoring it. This may be understandable — given that it’s not really a problem. Not yet. But expect 20 million problematic “cases” next year. And that number will only continue to rise.

Here’s the thing.

The number of online cloud-storage users — who avail…

This is a LIVE story — regularly update with new ideas and implementations

I’m working towards a new type of an Inactive Account Manager app or what some might call a “dead man’s switch”, that would assume control of my accounts when I become inactive. I want to build it with a decentralized smart contract on Ethereum, so no entity will control my data when I become inevitably inactive.

With such a contract, I can be assured that my music and writing, photos and personal things that I cherish will be left to my children, cryptocurrency and digital assets, or…

I’ve been studying the Stellar network now for quite some time. I’ve been investigating how I can either become an anchor or tokenize multiple assets on the network. What I’m utmostly impressed with is the ease of tokenizing, and solutions that are readily available. I suspect there is only more to come as the benefit of being able to tokenize assets is vast and for a variety of purposes.

However, with ease of doing things, it can call for bad content. Launching websites, music, film have increased in the wake of technological leverage, where doing complex things becomes simple and…

Below are my thoughts on Stellar XLM and it’s valuation. Both external are internal factors that are reviewed, but this is not supposed to be conclusive or is in any way to be taken as financial advice. More as an input into the discussion.

The utility of the network is touted as being a transfer of value. I identify two prime use cases, where XLM will act as A) Store of Value or B) Bridge Currency.

Store of Value or Bridge Currency?

A) Store of value and medium of exchange: To be a successful SoV, the network needs to “store” value for its users that is…

One of the ways that spammers and scammers can utilize the crypto wallet network is by abusing the “memo” field. By itself, it does not pose a threat to your security.

The memo field is a field where senders can write a note about a transfer they are making and its original purpose is to offer more security. However, spammers and scammers have found a way to abuse this simple text field, leaving unwanted or unsolicited messages.

This is an example of how it might look in your Stellar Account viewer

Transaction from a Spammer — low amount of XLM with a link in the Memo field.

What to do?

First of all, I’d advise not…

I am a big supporter and believer in the blockchain technology. After I fell down “the rabbit hole” I have become that we are on the verge of a technological revolution and blockchain technology will play an integral role.

As with many innovations, there technological and systemic issues that need to be addressed, from basic UX, operational accountability, marketing, and regulations, but also ideology. As often with innovations, the initial idea for the use-case is not necessarily the one that will get adoption, and sometimes the most significant inventions are the one repurposed for their ultimate use case.

One thing…

If you are like me, you might have trouble understanding many things in the Crypto world. New jargon and new concepts are being invented it seems every day. Sometimes they are easy to understand, but sometimes it would be really nice to have it boiled down for me to understand.

I had a hard time understanding Trustlines, so I asked Reddit. The community responded, so in turn, I wanted to put the highlights of what I learned into a simplified text for others in a similar situation.

What are trustlines?

As I understand it now, Trustlines is just another word…


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